Goedmaker – Sandboarding processes thousands of packages every day. With such large numbers, it is not surprising that something sometimes goes wrong. Anyone who contacts the customer service of has a chance to get a ‘Goedmaker’. We make it up to them by giving them a big upgrade of their original order.

This time Guus was the lucky one. He ordered ski pants on but already on the first minutes in the snow he tore out of his pants. Because we left him in the cold (literally), he deserved a very special ‘Goedmaker’.

We flew to Oman with his cousin Tom to sandboard in the desert: a warm winter sport! And to make his experience complete, Guus also got his own après ski bar, in the middle of the desert, with the appropriate name “Guus Gemacht”.

With the Goedmaker, we show that webcare is much more than just a witty response from a brand to one of the various social channels. Thanks to a unique and tailor-made experience, we really make up for it with our customers.

Project: Goedmaker

Agency: Yune

Commissioned by:

Creatives: Djordy van Etten, Richard van Horssen

Producer: Besma Ayari


Director: Neal Kok

DOP: Bas Bakhuis

Original post: Facebook