Wavin Straatkolk

Wavin, the market leader in plastic pipe systems, asked us to make an introduction film for their new product. The new Wavin ‘straatkolk’, a well that is processed in the ground to collect the water on the street.

To promote this ‘straatkolk’, we developed 60 videos aimed at 240 officials from various Dutch cities. Each city was addressed personally. In the different versions of the videos, the two sales men from Wavin appear.



Grand Prix Content Marketing Award for Distribution: Social (Link)


Project: Wavin Straatkolk

Agency: Yune

Commissioned by: Wavin

Creatives: Djordy van Etten, Jantine Agterhuis

Production: Marlon van der Strigt

Projectmanagement: Jolijn de Boer

Director: Niels Bourgonje

DOP: Floris Verweij

Links: Yune Website